Ajay Aggarwal
Practice Lead - Design Thinking, KPMG India

Ajay leads the Design Thinking practice in KPMG India. His professional career spans across various roles in Advisory, Product & Service Design, Process Automation, Sales & Business Development and Training. He has over 14 years of industry experience in Manufacturing, FMCG, IT, Education, Consulting, BPO / BPM, Banking and NBFCs, Auto, Movie exhibition etc. He has been passionately advocating creation of a design driven culture in organizations and helping them redesign their customer experience, services/products and strategy. In his role as an advisor to several key clients, he has demonstrated tangible impact design thinking can have across all business functions.

He has a strong voice on social media and frequently writes thought leaderships, point of views and blogs to bring awareness on Design Thinking in India. Having coached 500+ Design Thinking practitioners , he also mentors start ups as a way to encourage and support innovation in the industry.

Benjamin Mathew
Partner, Business Strategy, MART

Benjamin Mathew has been with MART for 15 years and leading various researches and consulting assignments. He primarily focuses on Strategy and Business Models for inclusive business & sustainable development. He has wide experience working with International Agencies, Local Entrepreneurs and the Corporate Sector. He brings expertise in working with ease in the corporate sector and the Social Sector. He is a post graduate in management and commerce with 20 years of work experience in the area of Strategy, Business Models & Last Mile Distribution.

His work largely is in the area creating sustainable business models at the base of the Pyramid Social and Corporate sector. Much of his experience @ MART is in the areas of organizational management & delivery, Last mile Distribution Models, tapping into the new business opportunities and innovative behaviour change communication & have worked in India, Nepal, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Africa Countries. He is a also a visiting faculty at IIM-Lucknow, MICA, MDI on Rural Marketing

Charles Leadbeater
Author and leading authority on innovation and creativity

Charles Leadbeater is a leading authority on innovation and creativity. He has advised companies, cities and governments around the world on innovation strategy and drew on that experience in writing his latest book We-think: the power of mass creativity, which charts the rise of mass, participative approaches to innovation from science and open source software, to computer games and political campaigning.

We-think was the latest in a string of acclaimed books: Living on Thin Air, a guide to living and working in the new economy; Up the Down Escalator, an attack on the culture of public pessimism accompanying globalisation and In Search of Work, published in the 1980’s, which was one of the first books to predict the rise of more flexible and networked forms of employment.

In 2005 Charles was ranked by Accenture, the management consultancy, as one of the top management thinkers in the world. A past winner of the prestigious David Watt prize for journalism, Charles was profiled by the New York Times in 2004 for generating one of the best ideas of the year, the rise of the activist amateur, outlined in his report The Pro-Am Revolution.

As well as advising a wide range of organisations on innovation including the BBC, Vodafone, Microsoft, Ericsson, Channel Four Television and the Royal Shakespeare Company, Charles has been an ideas generator in his own right. As an associate editor of the Independent he helped Helen Fielding devise Bridget Jones’s diary. He wrote the first British report on the rise of social entrepreneurship, which has since become a global movement. His report on the potential for the web to generate social change led to the creation of the Social Innovation Camp movement.

Charles has worked extensively as a senior adviser to the governments, advising the 10 Downing St policy unit, the Department for Trade and Industry and the European Commission on the rise of the knowledge driven economy and the Internet, as well as the government of Shanghai. He is an advisor to the Department for Education’s Innovation Unit on future strategies for more networked and personalised approaches to learning and education. He is a co-founder of the public service design agency Participle.

A visiting senior fellow at the British National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts, he is also a longstanding senior research associate with the influential London think-tank Demos and a visiting fellow at Oxford University’s Said Business School and the Young Foundation. He is co-founder of Participle, the public service innovation agency, which is working with central and local government to devise new approaches to intractable social challenges.

Dr. Elise Temple
Vice President, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience

With a background in Psychology from the University of Oregon and a PhD in Neurosciences from Stanford University, Dr. Temple is currently part of the Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience business in the United States. With over 15 years experience applying cognitive neuroscience techniques to questions of brain development, brain plasticity, and the relationship between brain and behavior, she now works in neuromarketing, applying neuroscience techniques and knowledge to business questions and applications. Dr. Temple has also served as a faculty at Cornell University and Dartmouth college where she led the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab and the Educational Neuroscience Lab, respectively.

During her academic career she received several awards, served as a reviewer for many journals and granting organizations, and taught numerous courses. She has published over two dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers which have been cited by almost 4000 other papers. She is a member of Cognitive Neuroscience society, American association for the advancement of science, and International Mind Brain and Education Society, to name a few.

Jaspreet Bindra
Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Consultant at Digital Matters

Jaspreet is the Founder of Digital Matters, an advisory firm in the areas of Digital Transformation, Blockchain and the Future of Work. He is also a partner of Singularity University in India, a Digital Transformation and Technology Advisor to several companies, and a leading Speaker, Author and Teacher on Digital. Until recently, Jaspreet was the Senior Vice President- Digital Transformation, (equivalent to the Chief Digital Officer), of the $20bn Mahindra Group of Companies. Jaspreet is a Digital Advisor to Mahindra companies, Adjunct Advisor to IDC, and the Emerging Technologies Advisor to Internet and Mobile Association of India. He sits on the Advisory Board of AI firm Findability Sciences, and a host of Blockchain, IoT and other technology startups in India and overseas. His digital transformation experience spans across Agritech, Real Estate, Next-gen Social Networks, Hospitality, Auto and Financial Services. Jaspreet is also a thought-leader in the Blockchain space, and he has built Proof of Concepts and products based on this technology. He is on the Advisory Board of Blockchained India, India’s largest Blockchain community, is invested in few Blockchain start-ups, and mentors the Blockchain Group for IAMAI. He has delivered a platform-leading TEDx talk on Blockchain.  Mint and SAP recognised Jaspreet with the inaugural ‘Digitalist of the Year’ award in 2017 Jaspreet is a Chemical Engineer and an MBA in International Business. He is also a three-time National champion in Brand Equity Business Quiz.  His first book on digital transformation and technology, called The Tech Whisperer, published by Penguin Random House was launched on September 30, 2019

Marty Neumeier
Director of CEO Branding for Liquid Agency

As Director of CEO Branding at Liquid Agency, Marty Neumeier is our de facto thought leader. He is constantly challenging the way we work and what we do in order to further the contribution that Liquid can make to the success of its clients, to our communities and to the world at large. Today Marty spends most of his time lecturing all over the globe about the role of creativity and innovation in the creation of relevant and meaningful brand experiences.

A firm believer that clarity about a brand’s purpose has an inextricable relationship with business success he inspires our teams and our clients to be thoughtful about the role of design in business. Marty has written several best-selling books, including “The Brand Gap,” outlining how to bridge the distance between business strategy and design. His follow-up book “ZAG” introduces “onliness” as the true test of a brand strategy and was named one the “100 Best Business Books of All Time.” His third book, “The Designful Company,” offers leaders a blueprint for building a culture of innovation through design thinking. In 2013 he published “Metaskills: Five Talents for the Robotic Age,” a deep dive into the future of workplace creativity. He then wrote “The 46 Rules of Genius” as a “quickstart guide” to “Metaskills.” His latest book, “The Brand Flip”, is the long-awaited sequel to “The Brand Gap.” It offers a simple formula for addressing the changes brought by social media and the rising power of customers. Marty was also commissioned by Google Brand Lab to write the “Dictionary of Brand”-a “relational” glossary containing 500 interconnected terms in brand strategy, advertising, design, innovation, and management. The “Dictionary of Brand” is the first step in creating a “linguistic foundation”—a set of terms that allow specialists from different disciplines to work together in a larger community of practice. When Marty is not lecturing or writing, he is facilitating inspirational workshops or providing consulting services to companies the likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Skype, Twitter and Patagonia.

Nir Eyal
Bestselling Author of Hooked and Indistractable

Nir Eyal writes, consults, and teaches about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. The M.I.T. Technology Review dubbed Nir, "The Prophet of Habit-Forming Technology.” Nir founded two tech companies since 2003 and has taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford. He is the author of two bestselling books, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products and Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life. Indistractable received critical acclaim, winning the 2019 Outstanding Works of Literature (OWL) Award as well as being named one of the Best Business and Leadership Books of the Year by Amazon and one of the Best Personal Development Books of the Year by Audible. The Globe and Mail called Indistractable, "timely reading, a smart, thorough look at getting traction in a world of distractions – the best business book of 2019." In addition to blogging at NirAndFar.com, Nir's writing has been featured in The Harvard Business Review, Time Magazine, and Psychology Today.

Nir is also an active investor in habit-forming technologies. Some of his past investments include Eventbrite (NYSE:EB), Anchor.fm (acquired by Spotify), Kahoot!, Refresh.io (acquired by LinkedIn), Product Hunt, Marco Polo, Presence Learning, 7 Cups, Pana, Byte Foods, FocusMate, and FindShadow. Nir attended The Stanford Graduate School of Business and Emory University.

Patrick Renvoise
Co-Founder & Chief Persuasion Officer, SalesBrain

Prior to co-founding SalesBrain Patrick, an expert in complex sales, was in charge of Business Development first at Silicon Graphics then at LinuxCare. While marketing super-computers and multi-million software solutions to some of the world’s most brilliant scientists at NASA, Shell, Boeing, Airbus, BMW, and more, he became fascinated by the human brain. Patrick then started to investigate a scientific model to explain how humans use their brain to make buying decisions. He spent 2 years researching and formalizing the first, 100% science-based PERSUASION model called NeuroMAP™. 

In 2002 Patrick and his business partner Dr. Christophe Morin co-authored the first book on Neuromarketing and published NeuroMAP™. This proprietary, award winning methodology has been used for the past 17 years to help over 6,000 companies worldwide SCIENTIFICALLY PERSUADE.

Philipp Kristian Diekhoner
Trust Futurist & Innovation Strategist. Author, of The Trust Economy.

Philipp is a trust futurist, millennial innovation strategist, TEDx speaker and author of The Trust Economy. Named a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, KAIROS Global Fellow and St. Gallen Symposium Leader of Tomorrow, his work was instrumental to two Fortune 500 innovation labs and one of Asia’s fastest-growing technology scale-ups. He served as strategic advisor to iconic founders, including the CEO of Singapore’s most funded insurance technology start-up. Philipp runs OxytocinGroup, a global think tank on the future of companies and societies. He believes designing and managing for trust can help us create a great future. This leads to better products, services and organisations that do good and have trust at the core. His book explores how digital technology is transforming trust and driving social and business innovation. He has contributed thinking to Esquire, e27, Economist Intelligence Unit, Forbes, BrandEins and many industry publications.

Richard Shotton
Author and Behavioural science expert

Richard is the author of The Choice Factory, a best-selling book on how to apply findings from behavioural science to advertising.  Campaign said of the book, “Buy it in paperback and slot Shotton next to your Morgan, Earls, Feldwick and Sharp. He sits comfortably next to the very best.” Steve Harrison, the former Worldwide Creative Director at Wunderman claimed that it was “a classic advertising textbook in the making.” The Choice Factory topped a global poll organised by ad agency by BBH to find the best book ever written on advertising. Richard started his career as a media planner 19 years ago, working on accounts such as Coke, Lexus and comparethemarket.com, before founding Astroten, a consultancy specialising in applying behavioural science to business problems.  

He regularly runs training session with brands, big and small, using insights from behavioural science to help solve their problems.  He has run sessions with brands such as Virgin, Renault, Molson Coors and Specsavers. Richard is a regular conference speaker and has featured at events such as Cannes, Tedx, Ad Week and the Festival of Marketing.  He writes about the experiments he runs in a monthly column for Marketing Week but also for titles such as Quartz, Mumbrella, Campaign, AdMap and the Drum. He tweets about the latest social psychology findings from the handle @rshotton.  

Sonam Wangchuk
Innovator, education reformist & inspiration for the film '3 Idiots'

Sonam Wangchuk is an Indian engineer, innovator and education reformist. All the formative experiences shaped his future and his frustration against the education system led him to start the Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL), to address the problems of the younger generation and their lack of focus and cultural confusion. The work also involved reforming the government school system, creating awareness in the youth about the insensitive school education system and harnessing solar energy for the benefit of the villagers.

For his many inventions, Wangchuk has been a source of inspiration behind the character of Phunsukh Wangdu from the movie 3 Idiots. Throughout his stellar life, Wangchuk has made significant contribution to the lives of people living in harsh conditions in the mountains. He has been helping design and build several passive solar mud buildings in mountain regions of Ladakh, Nepal and Sikkim to save energy.

Just on 26th July, 2018 it has been announced that Sonam Wangchuk won coveted Ramon Magsaysay award 2018. For all his path-breaking achievements, Sonam Wangchuk has been awarded at various platforms, notably the ICA Honor Award 2017, San Francisco, CA, the GQ Men of the Year Awards, Social Entrepreneur of the Year, 2017, Rolex Award for Enterprise, 2016, International Terra Award for best earth building, 2016, Man of the Year by the Week, 2001 and many more.

Sonam Wangchuk’s life is truly inspirational and highlights the concept of conscientious enterprise, business that helps the society.

Sophie Hackford

Sophie Hackford is a futurist. She has given 160 provocative talks to boards and exec teams on novel science and tech. Clients come from every industry – Adobe, Bank of New York, DeepMind, EY, Vogue – although the best questions have so far come from audiences of schoolchildren.

Sophie looks at how technologies change how we live, work, transact, love, by weaving together complex developments in quantum computing, AI, data, asteroid mining or virtual reality. She learns by visiting weirdos and troublemakers in labs, makerspaces, and garages around the world.

Sophie co-founded 1715Labs: a spinout from Oxford University’s Astrophysics Department, labelling data to train algorithms. She is on the board of two growth-stage startups: Not Just a Label, and Classlist.

Sophie previously worked at WIRED Magazine, at Singularity University on the NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley, and Oxford University where she raised $120m for frontier-bending research.

Despite very real threats, Sophie is an optimist about the future.

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